Ferdous Sohel教授:Contemporary and future trends of AI (人工智能的当代和未来趋势)

11月28日 13:00-14:00,腾讯会议:689-2547-6838


讲座内容:Contemporary and future trends of AI (人工智能的当代和未来趋势)

讲座人:Ferdous Sohel教授

讲座时间:11月28日 13:00-14:00



   Deep learning (DL) models have been successful in achieving high performance in a variety of applications ranging from computer vision, health informatics, digital agriculture, cyber security and remote sensing. Over the past decade, there has been a continuous stream of new and powerful DL models. However, to fit the data sets or real applications, DL networks face several key challenges, such as class imbalance, missing attributes, and low fidelity in the data. A variety of strategies, such as network topology, data augmentation, different activation functions, cost-sensitive learning and fusion of multiple networks, are applied to tackle these problems. Furthermore, with increasing network complexities, DL models require more powerful computing hardware resources. In this webinar series, we are going to cover an overview of DL models with respect to the state of the art and their applications in agriculture, health and biomedical, and environmental monitoring.

Short Bio:

   Ferdous Sohel received a PhD degree from Monash University, Australia. He is currently a Professor in Information Technology at Murdoch University, Australia. He previously worked at The University of Western Australia. His leads research in computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition, digital agriculture, and medical health informatics. He has made significant contributions to these fields and published more than 195 scientific publications. He also leads the Digital Agriculture theme at Murdoch University, which aims to build digital capabilities and enhance digital technologies for improved farm productivity and food security. He has secured and successfully managed research grants worth nearly $4.5 million. He is a recipient of the best PhD thesis medal from Monash University. He has received several best paper awards. He was a presenter of a tutorial at CVPR2015 and several keynote speeches at reputed conferences and events. He has supervised 18 PhD students to successful completion. He has hosted and mentored visiting international PhD students and academics including from China (funded by China Scholarship Council). He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, and Computers and Electronics in Agriculture journals. He has served many conferences on various Chair roles and International Program Committees roles. He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, member of the Australian Computer Society and a senior member of the IEEE.